The Missing Sack
Start: 9th December 10am
End: 10th December 5.15pm
Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong

HEELLLPPPP!!! Elfvestigators needed!
Santa’s Magic Sack has gone MISSING!!

Due to a location leak, Santa’s (supposedly) Secret Kingdom was mobbed
when the gang arrived and started setting up LaplandHK ready for the busy season!
Plan B was put straight into action and LaplandHK was moved to a new, even secreter,
TOP SECRET location.

The Elves were busily decorating LaplandHK, in preparation for the upcoming Elfer Training,
when Santa’s Magic Sack (containing all the Christmas decorations) was STOLEN!!!

Everyelf is terribly upset because everything has now ground to a halt until the sack is found!
It is critically important to find Santa’s Magic Sack, not just because it currently has all the decorations in it (and at the moment LaplandHK is left half naked), but MOST importantly because otherwise Santa will not be able to deliver the presents on Christmas Eve!!
Without SANTA'S MAGIC SACK the presents will just fly everywhere off the sleigh!!

Will you help to save Christmas?
Will you and your family come to Santa’s Secret Kingdom,
check out the line-up of suspects and help to get Santa’s Magic Sack back…?

Elfvestigation teams sign up here!!
Elfer Training

(December 2016)

Santa is inundated with work over in Lapland, so he has opened a branch right here in Hong Kong!
But that means he needs extra help! He’s looking for families that are on the nice list to come and train how to be Elfers (Elf Helpers) in his Secret Kingdom.

You see, to be an Elf you have to be born an Elf but you can learn to be an Elfer which means you’ll be one of the first to be called if the Elves need extra hands! Do you think your family are up to the job, or should we say ‘training’?

Create everlasting magical Christmas memories in our very exciting, no glitter spared, tinsel wrapped, gingerbread scented, Elf saturated, fully interactive, Christmas adventure for all the family!

Meet the Elfers of class 2016
Doink & Friends

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Santa’s Secret Cinema:
Coming up December 2017

Santa’s got a special treat for you and your family this Christmas! Come and join us Elves for an interactive, family favourite Christmas movie!
There’ll be snacks and drinks along with fun activities, games to play and arts and crafts to help move immerse everyone into the plotline and move the film along!
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ELF Services

Need an Elf spreading Christmas magic at your event ?Need a special little sparkle of Elf fun at your family gathering or friend’s gift swapping party?Perhaps you need a super enthusiastic Christmassy Elf to entertain at a party or family gathering?Or perhaps no-one else will do but the big man himself?Maybe you need some help in creating the perfect Christmas party entertainment for work, school or a charity?

WE’VE got YOU covered!!
We have Christmassy characters that can visit your event or party ready to rock your Christmas, all the way to a mobile event that we can bring to you along with a whole host of Christmassy characters.

Get in touch and let us know how we can help you!